HEUER Protective jaws

Individual Interchangeability

The protective jaws have a strong basic form made out of Aluminium or are produced completely out of Polyurethane (PP and PR). The profile is right-angled and the faces are flat and parallel; the high precision of the HEUER vices are maintained. The integral special magnets hold the protective jaws securely on the vice. Despite extremely high magnetic force, the magnetism does not penetrate the clamping faces, so that neither the clamping force of the blocks is affected, nor a magnetising of the piece takes place.

Type PP: Polyurethane prism, Type PR: Polyurethane grooved, Type F: Fibre, Type P: Prism, Type G: Rubber, Type Fi: Felt, Type N: Neutral
  • Rear view of protective jaws with central, strong magnets
  • Type PP: Polyurethane prism
  • Type PR: Polyurethane grooved
  • Type F: Fibre
  • Type P: Prism
  • Type G: Rubber
  • Type Fi: Felt
  • Type N: Neutral
  • 3-piece set of protective jaws in practical plastic packaging
  • 4-piece set of protective jaws closed with the aid of a velcro fastener
  • 4-piece set of protective jaws, open
  • 4-piece set of protective jaws on perforated wall

Type PP (Polyurethane prism)  
Clamping of delicate round and oval workpieces   
The jaws are made of polyurethane. This highly flexible, resistant and non ageing material is tending to assume the original shape after a deformation by pressure. The work pieces are fixed by means of different sized integrated prisms.

Type PR (Polyurethane grooved)  
Clamping of all types of delicate workpieces   
The material properties are of identical type as the PP-design. The corrugation of the jaws grips the surface without damaging it.

Type F (Fibre)  
Clamping of workpieces with finely machined or polished faces  
The faces of the jaw blocks are special abrasion of layers of fibres. There is no deformation of the faces even when clamping warm workpieces.

Type P (Prism)  
Clamping of workpieces of various shapes   
The jaw blocks are made out of Aluminium with a hardness factor between that of copper and lead. One horizontal prism and three different vertical prisms facilitate clamping of round or oval workpieces. The 90° cutout in the upper part of the jaw blocks facilitate problem free and horizontal clamping of flat material.

Type G (Rubber)  
Clamping of thin walled tubes and shaped pieces, wood and plastic parts   
The clamping faces are produced from a special synthetic rubber. Three layers of a canvas material appose the natural spring tendency of the rubber during the clamping process. The workpieces are held secure even when very low forces are applied.

Type Fi (Felt)  
Clamping of extremely delicate workpieces   
The faces of the jaw blocks are special abrasion resistive felt that matches closely the contours of the workpieces. Even the most delicate workpieces are held securely without any damage.

Type N (Neutral)  
Clamping of rough to medium machined workpieces  
The jaw blocks are made out of Aluminium and have a hardness factor between that of copper and lead. 6 grooves hold the workpieces secure. A deeper groove serves to hold shafts and pins etc. secure.


HEUER Protective Jaw Sets
The right clamping surface for each workpiece.

Anyone who loves organisation will love them: our HEUER protective jaw sets. Practical and clearly-arranged, quickly ready-to use and cleanly stowed.Who hasn’t experienced it: Looking for
socks, mostly one of two. There are now two sets with useful combinations so that this does not occur with the HEUER protective jaws. The 3-piece set contains magnetic protective jaws with a 120 jaw width in the N, PP, and G type models, packaged in a robust, resealable plastic box. The 4-piece set is available for jaw widths 100, 120, 140 and 160, each containing the G, P, N and F type models. The 4-piece set is packed in a bag which is washable on the outside and sealable with a velcro tape.

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